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Jewelry wholesale

Making jewelry is our passion. As a jewelry wholesaler, we have been offering specialist retailers a wide range of jewelry accessories made of silver and precious stones for 25 years. We present our range at all important trade fairs in the jewelry and gift item trade. As a jewelry manufacturer, we have the expertise to manufacture necklaces in a wide variety of styles, fashionable bracelets and unusual earrings. In addition to precious and semi-precious stones, we also like to process silver. A wide range makes us a leading wholesaler for silver jewelry.

Gemstone wholesale

The in-house gemstone cutting shop is the basis for our gemstone wholesale. We are manufacturers of gemstone jewelry, grind rough stones and use them to make individual necklaces. We process gemstones from all over the world. Beautiful stones have been revered in all cultures of human history and have often been interpreted as divine messages or gifts. This spiritual side of the love for gemstones also makes us a wholesaler for the esoteric branch. Many people feel strengthening, stabilizing and healing powers in contact with stones. As a wholesaler for tumbled stones, we take this need for healing stones into account.

Wholesale of souvenirs

In addition, we focus on regional types of stone and offer authentic jewelry from many regions of Europe in order to offer regional specialist retailers a product line that no other wholesaler for souvenirs and gemstones can offer. We are causing a stir, especially in souvenir wholesaling. Mineral wholesale The love for natural stones and minerals is based in the human soul. A wholesaler for minerals is always faced with the challenge of finding unusual mineral grades and natural stone objects from all over the world, collecting them and being able to offer them to specialist dealers at attractive prices. We are looking for aesthetic and unusual minerals and rough stones for you all over the world. The widespread use of stone gift items makes us a respected gift item wholesaler.

Wholesale jewelry accessories

We count many pearl shops and craft shops among our customers. Making jewelry yourself is a constant trend. We offer specialist retailers a huge range of jewelry accessories made of silver and precious stones. You always need fasteners, ear hooks, eyelets, steel ropes, pearl silk, leather cords, parachute cords and similar utensils to make an individual piece of jewelry. Stone design can therefore be described as a strong wholesale trade for do-it-yourself jewelry.

Wholesale of minerals and jewelry accessories to empower resellers

We look forward to strengthening our backs for owner-managed, individual specialist retailers with our range. A growing number of customers are again placing value on individual, tailor-made offers. We are thus covering a segment of the market that the trade in standardized, industrial products cannot cover. The large providers can only meet the need for individuality to a limited extent. The options for personalization offered there quickly reach their limits. Especially with complex natural products such as gemstones and minerals but also precious metals such as gold and silver, the artisanal and artistic specialist trade can use its strengths. Our position as a wholesaler for jewelry and gifts is based on this need.